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Wonder Wheels Mega Black Tyre Shine

High Gloss Wet Look Finish Easy-on Spray

Revitalises tyres and trim to provide optimum shine and ultimate protection that lasts. Wonder Wheels Mega Black Tyre Shine nourishes tyres with a special lubricant to help combat the effects of crazing on tyre walls. Easy-on spray formula with long lasting gloss enhancers for a showroom shine.

Direction for Use:

1. Ensure tyres are clean and dry.

2. Shake bottle well.

3. Spray evenly on to tyre walls making sure you pull steadily on the trigger to ensure even application; if necessary apply via a sponge or microfibre cloth.

4. Leave to dry

5. Remove any excess with a clean, dry cloth.

NOTE: Do not spray on tyre treads, brake components, windows, windscreens or control pedals. Do not use on cycle or motorcycle tyres. Avoid spraying on to brake components. Clean up spillages and overspray immediatelyusing strong detergent. Test brakes before driving. Store in an upright position and secure when transported.

Product Documents

Material Safety Data Sheets: Wonder Wheels Mega Black Tyre Shine