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Wonder Wheels Wheel Sealant

Shields all wheels. Repels brake dust, dirt & grime

Latest nano surface technology from Wonder Wheels. Revolutionary instant wheel sealant leaves an invisible, protective shield over the wheel surface, creating a barrier against the build up of stubborn brake dust, road grime and dirt. Once applied, Wonder Wheels Wheel Sealant produces a super repellent nano film, which when rained on or rinsed with water will self clean. Easy to apply and suitable for all wheel types. Simply spray on to wheels after cleaning with a good quality wheel cleaner, such as Wonder Wheels. once applied, sealant will protect the surface of wheels, keeping them cleaner for longer.

Directions for Use:

1. Before use, clean wheels using a suitable wheel cleaner, such as Wonder Wheels. Dry wheels using a micro fibre cloth or chamois leather and if necessary rotate 180 degrees and wipe again to ensure all wheel surfaces are completely clean and dry.

2. Shake spray can well.

3. Spray a light coating over the exposed areas of the wheels, treating one wheel at a time. Do not rub or buff.

4. Allow to dry for at least one hour.

NOTE: For outdoor use only. This product produces a semi-permanent coating. Do not be tempted to touch the coating in its wet or dry state as this will reduce durability and performance. If the vehicle is washed and the wheels are cleaned with agitation, then Wonder Wheels Wheel Sealant should be re-applied.

Product Documents

Material Safety Data Sheets: Wonder Wheels Wheel Sealant Spray Can