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Wonder Wheels Tyre Sealant

Shields tyre walls. Wet look for longer.

Wonder Wheels Tyre, Bumper and Trim Sealant leaves a long lasting lustrous finish on all tyres and trim. Adheres to all plastic and rubber surfaces, providing protection against dirt, dust and grime. Once applied, Tyre Sealant repels water, dirt and harmful UV rays keeping trim cleaner for longer. Restores the 'new look' shine time after time.

Directions for Use:

1. Thoroughly remove all dust, dirt and grime from plastic bumpers, tyres and trim. Make sure area is clean and dry prior to application.

2. Shake well before use, spray evenly over surfaces and allow to dry.

3. To prevent overspray and for those intricate areas spray directly on to a cloth before application.

4. No need to buff, just allow to dry.

NOTE: Do not spray on to tyre treads, control pedals, steering wheels, windows or windscreens. Do not use on cycle or motorcycle tyres.

Product Documents

Material Safety Data Sheets: Wonder Wheels Tyre Sealant