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Wonder Wheels Paintwork Sealant

Shields paintwork for up to 12 months

Unique patented formula seals paintwork for up to 12 months. The revolutionary Nanomeric polymer resin formula bonds to the paintwork, locking in the shine and protecting against fading, oxidising, surface damage and scratches. Creates a completely smooth surface to repel dirt, water and harmful UV rays.

Simply apply to paintwork after polishing or waxing to seal in a long lasting, lustrous showroom shine. The easy to apply formula requires no buffing and leaves no white residue.

Directions for Use:

1. Wash vehicle with Wonder Wheels Super Wash & Wax.

2. We would recommend that you then apply a high quality car wax or polish such as Wonder Wheels Perfection Resin Polish and buff to a shine. Remove all residues.

3. Wipe on Paintwork Sealant sparingly with a clean, micro fibre cloth to one panel at a time (approx 5ml per panel).

4. Allow to dry and lightly buff if necessary.

NOTE: Do not use in hot conditions or direct sunlight. To prevent overspill, pour steadily and carefully on to a cloth as the solution has a low viscosity due to its revolutionary formula. Store upright and secure at all times.

Product Documents

Material Safety Data Sheets: Wonder Wheels Paintwork Sealant