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Wonder Wheels Roof Box Cleaner

Dissolves dirt, grime, sap & bird lime

Wonder Wheels Roof Box Cleaner has been specially formulated to effectively lift and remove unsightly contaminants without damaging your roof box. Bugs and debris should be cleaned from roof boxes prior to storage to ensure longevity. The unique multi purpose cleaner dissolves stubborn insect deposits, tree sap, bird lime, stubborn greasy marks and much more, restoring the box back to its original intensity. Easy spray on - wipe off application.

Directions for Use:

1. Shake bottle well.

2. Spray liberally over the entire roof box surface. Allow the product to soak for approximately 5 minutes.

3. Agitate heavy stains with a brush, sponge or cloth. 4. Wipe off with a damp micro fibre cloth.

5. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

NOTE: Always remove the roof box from the vehicle before cleaning.Test on an inconspicuous area to check compatibility. Rinse thoroughly after use - Do not allow product to dry. Secure the bottle remains upright at all times.

Product Documents

Material Safety Data Sheets: Wonder Wheels Roof Box Cleaner