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Wonder Wheels Fabric Hood Cleaner

Cleans soft top fabric hoods.

Dual action formula effortlessly removes bird lime, dirt and grime whilst cleaning and revitalising the appearance of the hood. Wonder Wheels Fabric Hood Cleaner works deep in to the fabric hood surface to lift stubborn stains and grime without impairing the appearance of the hood. Use regularly to keep fabric hood looking clean d the colour rich. For ultimate protection follow with Wonder Wheels Fabric Hood Sealant.

Directions for Use:

1. Ensure hood is free from loose dirt, leaves, debris etc. Vacuum if necessary. Shake bottle well.

2. Test on a small, inconspicuous area first to check colour fastness of fabric.

3. Lightly spray Fabric Hood Cleaner to a small area at a time.

4. Lightly scrub the hood with a cleaning sponge, allowing the Fabric Hood Cleaner to gently soak in.

5. Rinse songe out before moving on to the next area to be cleaned.

6. When cleaning has been completed, rinse whole area lightly with a hose or watering can to rinse away excess product. Do not rinse with hight pressure devices.

7. Dry remaining water off the fabric hood by gently patting with an absorbent, lint free cloth or allow to dry naturally.

We thoroughly recommend your hood is protected with Wonder Wheels Fabric Hood Sealant after treating hood with the cleaner for ultimate protection.

NOTE: Stubborn dirt or stains may require a second, or repeated treatments. Take care to avoid overspray on to glass or plastic/other non-glass windows, or paintwork - wipe off immediately.

Product Documents

Material Safety Data Sheets: Wonder Wheels Fabric Hood Cleaner